CrossFit Algoa (Port Elizabeth) WOD – Fri, 26 Nov 2021

CrossFit Algoa (Port Elizabeth) WOD – Fri, 26 Nov 2021

Featured Image – We are hosing a FUNdraiser comp for Zanethemba Baby Haven on Sat 4th December 2021! We are having an in-person event at CrossFit Algoa and an Online version, so anyone can participate!! Get your 2 person teams ready for a short 20 min comp with 3 scoring opportunities!!!!! For all the info click here to support Zanethemba Baby Haven this Christmas: 


If you would like more INFO on CrossFit Algoa or our Home-Based Workouts (for adults and/or kids), please CLICK HERE for all our INFO, MEMBERSHIP OPTONS & PRICING!

Alternatively call us on: 0784517637 (adults & kids) or 0845086893 


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Please find the Whiteboard Explanation and Coaching for today’s workout on Itensity/Email/What’s app…


Please contact us with any questions by cell or on what’s app at:

0784517637 (Coach Dave)   /   0822944258 (Coach Anje)






Foam Roll/Trigger/Warm-up/Mobilise/Activate


Reminder – If any Home-Based Members do not have our Home-Based Video explanations, please contact Coach Dave to get them!


1) Rogue Invitational – CFA adapted EVENT 5 – THE MULE

21-15-9 FT of:
Deadlift (143kg/102kg)
Burpee Pull Up

TC – 12 min

Score = Time/TC plus 1 sec/Rep missed1)

CFA LITE Options:
Rx – 143/102kg
Level1 – 136/95kg
Level2 – 122/85kg
Level3 – 118/83kg
Level4 – 114/80kg
Int1 – 111/78kg
Int2 – 104/73kg
Int3 – 94/66kg
Beg1 – 77/54kg; Bp Jump-PU (bar @ wrist)
Beg2 – 51/31kg; Bp (bar @ mid-foreA)
Beg3 – 35/21kg; Bps then RR (0.5/0m)

CFA LITE Options- USA Equivalents:
Rx – 315/225lb
Level1 – 299/210lb
Level2 – 268/188lb
Level3 – 260/182lb
Level4 – 252/176lb
Int1 – 244/171lb
Int2 – 228/160lb
Int3 – 208/146lb
Beg1 – 170/119lb; Bp Jump-PU (bar @ wrist)
Beg2 – 113/69lb; Bp (bar @ mid-foreA)
Beg3 – 77/46lb; Bps then RR (0.5/0m)



Shoulders inj –
DL – Fine
Bp PU – Bp – str arm; RR or BOR (usual loading) or Rev Grip Strict PU 60% reps

Back inj –
DL – Hip thr (x2)
Bp PU – Bp – str arm; RR or BOR (usual loading) or Rev Grip Strict PU 60% reps

Knee inj –
DL – Fine
Bp PU – Fine (watch jump-up/drop-off)




2) AMRAP 10 min:
30 sec Rings Neutral Hold
30 sec Freestanding Handstand Hold (hands can step/move)

Score = Total Hold Time


CFA LITE Options:
Int1 – 20s FS-HS hold
Int2 – FS-HS (wall)
Int3 – HS (wall)
Beg1 – HS (wall); Dip Bar/Box Hold
Beg2 – PPU Hold (61/51cm); Dip Bar/Box Hold (1ft dwn, alt 5s)
Beg3 – PPU Hold (41cm/Flr); Seated Parr Hold



Shoulder –
R-NH – Fine or Front Bridge
FS-HS – Push-up hold

Back –
R-NH – Fine or Front Bridge

Knee –
R-NH – Fine
FS-HS – Fine (watch kick-up/dwn)



A new class at CrossFit Algoa!! See the Daily Whiteboard!

A 40 min class focusing on improving cardiovascular conditioning, stamina, endurance and calorie expenditure! This class makes use of simple body weight movements, light functional lifting and monostructural metabolic exercise (running, skipping, biking, rowing) in a fun and safe environment to achieve this!



Chat to our coaches about completing extras from Tier 1 of our AFL (Always Fit League) Competitors Program!



Anyone interested in following our AFL Competitors programming, who is not a member of CrossFit Algoa, can CLICK HERE for all the info OR alternatively contact Dave on for details & fees.

Dave represented Africa as an Individual at the 2012 & 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Dave placed 2nd in the Mens 40-44 yrs at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games and 5th in 2019. He has coached a number of athletes to Regionals, including Eva Thornton to the Reebok CrossFit Games (4th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2015 /12th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2017 / 1st Place “Fittest Women on Earth” for 50-54 yrs 2018).

See the following link for our 3 Tiers of Competitors Training –


Cool-down/Trigger Ball/Foam Roll/Stretch



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