Zanethemba Log Scores

Logging your team Score

Please click on the following link to log your scores:

Zanethemba Log Scores Submission


Below is what you need to bare in mind when you are logging your scores:


NOTE – leaderboard scores will only be populated 24 hours after the Deadline for score submission.

Deadline – Monday eve (6 Dec) at 24:00


Workout 1 – Total Load (kg)

I.e. SUM OF the MAX LOAD for each Athlete in kilograms (kg) (Max Load Athlete A + Max Load Athlete B). For example: if Athlete A successfully lifts 50kg and Athlete B lifts 100 kg then the TOTAL load to record as the score is 150 kg.

Round to the closest kg. (I.e. 50.4kg is 50kg but 50.5kg rounds to 51kg.)


Workout 2 – Total Reps


Workout 3 – Total Reps