CrossFit is an evidence based exercise program consisting of constantly varied, functional movement executed at a high intensity. CrossFit training leads to increased Physical Work Capacity (the ability to do work) over broad time and modal domains. CrossFit prides itself in its effectiveness and community based training encouraging comaraderie, friendly competition and accountability.

CrossFit is about teaching people to move. About movement patterns that are essential to life; essential to your well being; essential to your independence.

CrossFit offers a comprehensive approach, intending to improve all 10 physical skills that make up fitness, namely 1) cardiovascular/respiratory fitness 2) stamina; 3) strength; 4) flexibility; 5) power; 6) speed; 7): coordination 8) agility; 9) balance and 10) accuracy. CrossFit also develops Mental Fortitude, a key variable that affects your ability to cope with life!

CrossFit Algoa offers the following programs:

RX’ED (as prescribed)

LITE – This is a great program for those who may feel a little apprehensive with starting CrossFit. Our “LITE” program is scaled so that we focus on the fundamental less complex movements. With lighter loadings, and lower durations & volume, this is the ideal program for getting started if you feel that you are “out of shape”.

Our LITE program is further sub-divided into a program for INTERMEDIATE members and for BEGINNER members to account for members of varied technical skill level, strength and conditioning under our LITE program.

EXTRAS (for those wanting to put in extra work and make faster progress)

COMPETITORS (for CrossFit Competitors – see below).


Personalised Coaching

We offer many CrossFit Group classes each week, however some prefer to be coached on a 1 on 1 basis or in a small group with 2 or 3 friends. We therefore offer personalised 1 on 1 or small group training also!

CrossFit is not just a group-based program, and not everyone is suited to group training. Whether you need help with weight management, improving your movement technique, or you just need that extra motivation, one-on-one or small group training gives you more ‘you’ time with one of our coaches.


Competitors Training (Always Fit League Comp Training – 3 Tiers)

This program is available to both Non-members and Members. Please click on the following link to view details on our AFL Competitors training page!

AFL Competition Training

Olympic Lifting

For certain periods during the year we offer specific Olympic lifting classes for our members. These classes are great for those who would like to improve Olympic weightlifting for CrossFit, for their sport of Olympic weightlifting or just to improve their speed, strength and explosive power. Our focus is on the fundamentals of weightlifting and is great for beginners through to intermediate lifters.



We hold a Mobility/Prehab class every Thursday at 17:05 for 25 minutes. This class is to help educate you to optimise your mobility and help prevent injury. You will learn about your body’s biomechanics, how to recover better, how to treat your own pain and injuries and enjoy gains in performance.
This class is a must for all!


Sub-Programs – We offer the following Sub-programs to help you achieve your goals:

Goal Setting

Nutrition Guidance & Body Shaping

Biokinetic assessment

Challenges – Summer and Winter

Please contact us on for more details on these sub-programs.