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AFL Training


Always Fit League’s goal is to ensure our Athletes and Members are ALWAYS FIT, year round!

Whether you are a Mom, a Dad, a Businessman, a Doctor, a Teacher, whoever you may be…, OR whether you are a Competitor taking part in the CrossFit Games, we have the right training program to suite your needs!



1. HOME (from No Equipment through to a full Functional Training setup)

2. any GYM (any Training Facility that has Functional Training Equipment)


4. and we also prescribe programs for CROSSFIT AFFILIATES and GYMS




1. AFL HOME Training (Phase 1)

AFL Training and Nutritech are bringing you at least 21 Days of Free HOME Workouts during the South African “LOCKDOWN” for the Covid-19 Pandemic! Watch our INTRO VIDEO here…

You can find all the 21 Days of Free AFL Home Workouts

1) By Scrolling Down

2) At Nutritech –

3) On our YOUTUBE channel!

If you would like to progress from Phase 1 to the programs below, please contact us on … For more INFO & Fees on the AFL Competitors Program CLICK HERE.


2. AFL HOME Training (Phase 2)


3. AFL HOME Training (Phase 3)


4. AFL Competitors Training (3 Tiers)

Our online AFL Competitors Program is targeted to those athletes who want to compete in CrossFit Games Competitions and Functional Training Competitions held by CrossFit Affiliates!

Join the AFL Competitors Program and receive online guidance from 4 x’s CrossFit Games Athlete Dave Levey. Dave represented Africa as an Individual Men’s Athlete at the 2012 & 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Dave placed 2nd in the Mens 40-44 yrs at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games and 5th in 2019.

Dave has coached a number of athletes to Regionals, including Eva Thornton to the Reebok CrossFit Games (4th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2015 /12th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2017 / with a highlight of 1st Place “Fittest Women on Earth” for 50-54 yrs 2018).

Our AFL Competitors programming has the following 3 Tiers to cater for different athlete needs:
Tier 1 – Competitors & Masters Athletes
Tier 2 – Sanctional Hopefuls and Games Masters Athletes
Tier 3 – Seasoned Regional/Sanctional Competitors and Games Athletes

For more info contact for more information on & fees.

AFL / Nutritech – 21 Days Home Workout Series …

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 – Active Recovery & Mobility

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 – Active Recovery & Mobility


Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

DAY 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

DAY 15



DAY 16


DAY 17

Day 18

DAY 19

DAY 20