Transformation Challenge

The SUMMER Transformation Challenge starts on…

  • Mon 28 October 2019 at our Newton Park Location

  • Mon 4 November 2019 at our Summerstrand Location

Please watch the video and fill in the CONTACT Form below for more Information on how to Sign-up!

Full details on our Transformation Program can be found under the Application Form!

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Newton Park Location


Summerstrand Location


On the CrossFit Algoa 6 week SUMMER Transformation Challenge – you can expect to receive the following:

1) Sixty (60) minutes of high-intensity workouts 3 Times/week

These Classes will be available for booking on our CrossFit and CrossFit Algoa LITE programs…


Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/ 5:25am

Monday to Friday 8:30am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12pm

Monday to Thursday 17:00 and 18:00

Saturday 9am


Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ 5:25am

Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am

Monday to Thursday 17:30

Saturday 9am

2) Done-for-You Meal Plans

3) Done-For-You Grocery Lists

4) Delicious & Easy to make Recipes

5) Participant Starter Guide

6) Eating Out Guide & Cheating Guidelines

7) Goal Setting

8) Private What’s App and/or Facebook Community Support & Accountability Group Page

9) Before & After Assessments & Photos

10) Our Team for Support & Accountability

11) Positive Behaviour Point Scoring System

12) CrossFit Algoa Fitness Testing and Recording

13) Supervised and World Class Coaching

14) Nutrition Workshop (1.5 hours)

The only “catch” is… to get ready to look YOUR BEST this summer … you have to decide now to make it happen.

If you’re ready to APPLY for this, then I’m going to make it easy for you to look better than ever this Summer Season…
Simply COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM above and we will get back to you with an email with all the specific details regarding our SUMMER TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE, including how to REGISTER if your application is accepted!



Janet Perriera…

“The CrossFit Algoa Transformation Challenge has been an incredible journey both mentally and physically. It has been an amazing experience where I have met awesome non-judgmental people who have pushed and encouraged each other as we have all had the same goal in mind. The training is intense, but you do it at your own pace and your own capability without feeling awkward or unable to keep up with the rest. The best part about it is the only person you are competing against is yourself. The team of coaches are amazing and extremely professional – they don’t see you as a slab of meat in a gym in a class, they see you as someone with potential, to not only reach but beat your own limits, and encourage and guide you to do this in a safe and healthy way. The meal plan is fantastic, it saved me money and got my family and I on a healthier path at the table. If I look at what I have achieved in the 6 weeks and what is coming now that I have joined up all I can say is watch this space….The BOX is the place to be! Thanks for everything.”


Michelle Benn…

“The transformation Challenge has been an inspirational time not only for me but for my entire family. I’ve always battled to motivate myself to stick to an exercise plan and healthy eating. Under Dave and his team’s guidance I have found that exercise and healthy eating is a way of life and not just a quick fix. My whole family’s lives have been changed, we are all more active and more aware of what we put into our bodies. I really looked forward to my workouts at CrossFit, the team were always happy, lively and eager to motivate you to try harder. All the encouragements they shout out during the workouts really do help.”


Carlin Hambury…

“Today I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Dave and his team @CrossfitAlgoa. I grabbed hold of the opportunity to be part of the current 6 Week challenge which draws to a close this week. It has really been a great experience to be part of a group that has made all of us, no matter what our fitness levels are, feel like one of the family from day one. The workouts were, at times, brutal but sooo worth it and the nutritional advice received I have adopted in my daily life without “missing out” on certain things. Haha!! It’s been 6 weeks and not only have I lost just under 6kg but also feel more energetic and I can see the difference. Thanks so much to the coaches (Deane, Anje & Iain) for all your patience, guidance and lots of laughs. It has been an experience that I will never forget…God bless you all!!”