Transformation Kick-Start/Challenge – Winners Announcement

Transformation Kick-Start/Challenge – Winners Announcement

Congratulations to all those who attended our 2x Summer Transformation Challenges at the end of 2021, and also congratulations to our “New Year, New You” Transformation Kick-start/Challenge from Jan/Feb this year!!

It’s been a trying time in many respects for all, so excellent work taking on the T/Challenge during those tough times, late last year and earlier this year!!

Congratulations on all the losses in Body Fat and improvements on the Fitness Testing! Your hard, smart work paid off and we trust this will set the tone for the future!!

Our top 7 Places on each of the 3 Transformation Kick-Start/Challenges are below. The top 3 placings (1st to 3rd) in each T/Challenge will receive a plaque/trophy for finishing on the podium (we will let you know when these are ready for collection):


Oct – Nov 2021:

1 Heidi Julyan
2 Hanri Britz
3 Yolandi van Tonder
4 Harley Bovens
5 Angeline McLagan
6 Annelise Schroeder
7 Zelda Gerber


Nov – Dec 2021:

1 Justin Kreusch
2 Shawn Elkington
3 Irene Jones
4 Susan Gane
5 Abby Leo
6 Juan Jonck
7 Thando Matshaya


Jan – Feb 2022:


1 Zanele Hartmann
2 Vernon Landman
3 Yolandie Landman
4 Jenne Williams
5 Crystal Leonard
6 Paul Leonard
7 Elzette Haasbroek


Our next “New You” Transformation Kick-start/Challenge starts on 4 May! Click HERE or LINK IN BIO for all the info!!

Alternatively call us on: 0784517637 (adults & kids) or 0845086893

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