Testimonial / Life Transformation – Audrey Flemming

Testimonial / Life Transformation – Audrey Flemming

We love seeing our members TRANSFORM over time! Here is an inspiring Testimonial and Life Transformation by Audrey Flemming! We are proud of you Audrey… keep up the smart but hard work! 

“When moving forward in life, people tell you not to look back. However there is a time to reflect and see how far we have come. These photos do not justify how much I have grown because it’s not all physical.

I started at CrossFit Algoa (@CrossFitAlgoa) in 2017 with the Summer Transformation Challenge. This was the start of my life changing journey of mind and body.

I had no idea how much I had neglected my own well-being, this went beyond my physical body. I had no confidence in myself, I constantly felt drabby and tired. After the transformation challenge I felt amazing yet this was only the beginning of my change and personal growth.

I decided to continue my membership at CrossFit Algoa (@CrossFitAlgoa) and it is the best decision I could have made for myself. CrossFit changed my mental health in such a positive way. Once my mindset was healthier, the rest just started falling into place. I became fitter, stronger and most of all confident. Not everyday is perfect but everyday is still 100% because that’s what I have to give on the day.

I often get asked what diet I am on or what exercise I am doing. The advice I can give is to find what works for you and make better decisions for yourself daily. Set realistic goals. The start is always the most challenging but once you establish a routine, the rest is to simply keep showing up and being consistent. It won’t feel like work when you make it fit into your life and especially if it’s something you love.

My greatest competitor is myself. I only want to be better than the version I was yesterday.

I cannot take all the credit for my success. The coaches and community at CrossFit Algoa (@CrossFitAlgoa) have been my greatest support. Great programming, professional staff and what highlights CrossFit Algoa (@CrossFitAlgoa)… is the compassion and respect that everyone has for one another. I could not have started my journey at a better place.

It’s all in a days work. Always learning and always growing.” Audrey Flemming Facebook post (January, 2021)

See below for before and then after photos…



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