Transformation Challenge Results

Transformation Challenge Results



Our Transformation Challenges continue to help people make the changes, both physically and mentally, that they dream of!!

A high percentage of our Transformation challenge members also become a major part of our core group of members who embody the CrossFit Algoa way of life and approach to health and fitness!!

Congratulations to all the Transformation Challenge members who completed their Challenges in Dec 2010 and recently in March! Also a big congratulations to those who started but, for whatever reason, may not have finished as well as you would have liked! The good thing to remember is that that is not the end of your health and fitness story and you will always have the opportunity to start that journey again, whether at CrossFit Algoa or elsewhere!


We had wanted to announce our Nov/Dec 2019 Transformation Challenge winners for Summerstrand with the next Transformation Challenge prize giving function, as it ended after our annual prize giving function in December. We subsequently had to move our Transformation Challenge Function and Prize Giving due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are not entirely sure when we will be able to physically hold this prize giving due to the current state of the SA LOCKDOWN, so we have decided to announce the winners on Social Media in the mean time!


A big congratulations goes out to all those who completed the Transformation Challenge and to all those placing on the podium for this Challenge!

Those who do super well on the T/Challenge competition, typically also always do super well on achieving their goals – showing just how NB behavioural changes are in achieving what you want to achieve. For example our CFA Summerstrand podium lost a combined total of 16.9% BF between Emil, Wiaan and Jacquie!


Congratulations to our winners – they are:

Nov/Dec 19 Transformation Challenge at CrossFit Algoa Summerstrand

1st – Norman Coen

2nd – Vuyo Bongela

3rd – Elmay Robinson


Feb/March 20 Transformation Challenge CrossFit Algoa Newton Park

1st – Liezel Wait

2nd – Abraham Du Randt

3rd – Wendy Heasley


Feb/March 20 Transformation Challenge CrossFit Algoa Summerstrand

1st – Emil Goosen

2nd – Wiaan Vosloo

3rd – Jacqueline Vosloo


Congratulations to all of you!!


If you are interested in taking part in our next Transformation Challenge or keen to sign-up at CrossFit Algoa – give us a shout on: / 0845086893 (Kids) / 0784517637 (adults).

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