CrossFit Algoa (Port Elizabeth) WOD – Wed, 25 September 2019

CrossFit Algoa (Port Elizabeth) WOD – Wed, 25 September 2019

Featured Image – Training Day with Jason Smith (2x CrossFit Games Indiv. Competitor) and CrossFit Algoa Owner and Head Coach Dave Levey (4x CrossFit Games Competitor – 2x Indiv./2x Masters) at CrossFit Algoa on 28 September 2019. This event is sponsored and organised by Nutritech… to book your spot pay R200 online at: Nutritech welcome Stack included in Fee.

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If you would like more information on our CrossFit Algoa Kids or Adult programs, please contact us on / 0845086893 (Kids) / 0784517637 (adults).

Foam Roll/Trigger/Warm-up/Mobilise/Activate


1) T/C Test 3… Hang Power Cleans 3 – EMOM for 10 min (start at 60% 1 RM, build to Max Day)

Score = Load


2) Complete T/C Test 1 and/or 2

For the rest…

2) AMRAP the following for 2 Rnds:
Min 1 – Sled push (low bar 1 way, vertical bar return) (Sled plus 30kg/10kg)
Min 2 – Strict HSPU
Min 3 – Box Jump Overs (61cm/51cm)
Min 4 – Strict Ring Dips
Min 5 – Front Squats (60kg/40kg)
Min 6 – BB Facing Burpees
Min 7 – Rest

Score = Total Reps

Chat to our coaches about completing extras from Tier 1 of our competitors program!


1) Options:
Beginners – Reduce loading to maintain great form!


2) Options:
Int1 – same
Int2 – S/HSPU (1/2 Abm)
Int3 – S/HSPU (2/3 Abm), S/RD (R/B), 50/33kg`
Beg1 – P/PU (61cm/flr), S/RD (B/P), 45/30kg, BSO (61/51cm)
Beg2 – Sled plus 20/5kg, P/PU (Flr/K), Seated PD (Str), 30/20kg, BSO (51cm), BBF Bps (S/o)
Beg3 (T/C) – Sled plus 15/0kg, P/PU (K), Seated PD (Bnt), 15/7kg, BSO (41cm), Bps


Anyone interested in following our AFL Competitors programming who is not a member of CrossFit Algoa can contact Dave on for details & fees. Dave represented Africa as an Individual at the 2012 & 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. Dave placed 2nd in the Mens 40-44 yrs at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games and placed 6th in 2019. He has coached a number of athletes to Regionals, including Eva Thornton to the Reebok CrossFit Games (4th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2015 /12th place Masters 45-49 yrs 2017 /1st Place “Fittest Women on Earth” for 50-54 yrs 2018). See the following link for our 3 Tiers of Competitors Training –

Cool-down/Trigger Ball/Foam Roll/Stretch

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