Committed Club – November 2017

Committed Club – November 2017

We started our Committed in June this year with the threshold of entry into the Committed Club being set at 12 or more workouts attended and logged for each month.

The idea of the Committed Club is to help incentivize diligent attendance. Regular attendance/training is basically the first and most important factor for making the achievements you desire! Putting in the time, and getting the work done, is what will set you apart from the rest of the population and that will give you the health and fitness gains you are looking for! The human body was designed to be active on most days of the week…we recommend training 6 days out of 7 and resting on the last. Obviously not everyone can make it into the Box 6 days per week because of various reasons but we recommend that you attend at least 3 sessions per week and get in home-based activity or other sport on at least 2-3 other days in the week if you cannot make 6 classes/week! This should be a weekly and long term goal of yours to make the progress your desire!

We suggest making regular weekly attendance a major Goal of yours in 2018! For more on “Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk” keep an eye out for our New Year’s Day NEWS post and be in class during the 2nd week of January to participate in our Goal Setting drill in class!


Our Committed Club Members for the month of November 2017 are:

  1. Alice Olckers
  2. Audrey Flemming
  3. Cade Ferreira
  4. Chad Comley
  5. Clyde Abrahams
  6. Dean Jenniker
  7. Debbie Grey
  8. Estelle Stander
  9. Gary Thomson
  10. Gerhard Van Tonder
  11. Grant Potgieter
  12. Janet Pereira
  13. Iain Maughan-Brown
  14. Jay Maughan-Brown
  15. Jodi-Leigh Erasmus
  16. Johan Zietsman
  17. Juan-Pierre Janse Van Rensburg
  18. Katherine Battiss
  19. Lara Bulbring
  20. Liezel Van Tonder
  21. Linda Classen
  22. Marc Boettiger
  23. Marco De Beer
  24. Mark Anderson
  25. Natasha James
  26. Nicky Wicks
  27. Intern Coach Sam Van Thiel
  28. Prabshan Pillay
  29. Reghardt Meyer
  30. Rob Yuil
  31. Rob Edelson
  32. Roxy Stottelaar
  33. Sue Fereira
  34. Taryn Potgieter
  35. Thando Makamba
  36. Vanessa Stovold
  37. Wendy Heasley
  38. Yogan Chetty
  39. Yolandi Van Tonder
  40. Coach Deane Ketzner
  41. Coach Eva Thornton
  42. Coach Dave Levey
  43. Anje Adams
  44. Damian Raghubeer
  45. Tim Kaylor


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