Eva Starts the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

Eva Starts the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games

Eva Thornton, our Masters Athlete (45-49 yrs), started Day 1 of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games today! Eva has settled in well in Madison (USA) and has been training at CrossFit Recursive together with Kylie Massie (See our  previous News post on Eva’s trip).

With CrossFit you need to be prepared for the “Unknown and the Unknowable”, prepared for anything that life may throw at you! Eva has been getting in a full range of training modalities, including longer distance swimming and running, which came up today in the first event!

Today Eva placed 7th in this tough first Event – Run (1.5 miles), Swim (500m), Run (1.5 miles). Great work Eva!

The second Event is a 1 Rep Max Snatch…CrossFit challenges current Sport Science understanding of how the duration of events, workloads and strength/power feats interact. Today Eva hit a 140lb (63.5kg) Snatch, a personal best, after having completed the longer endurance event just a few hours earlier! Great work Eva! This placed Eva in 10th place on this event. Eva lies in in a great position – 9th place after Day 1 of competition with 3 days left!

Reminder to Box members and their family and friends that this Friday and Saturday we will be having our CrossFit Algoa Games viewing to support Eva and to watch as much of the footage as possible! So come join us on Friday evening (17:30 – late) for a “Potluck” evening and Saturday (17:00 – late)  for a Pizza evening. For more details please see the email we sent out on Tuesday!


Eva and Kylie at CrossFit Recursive                                2017 CrossFit Games Flags


Eva’s Reebok Kit for the weekend                                        One of the arena’s in Madison

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