Committed Club (July 2017)

Committed Club (July 2017)

From 1 May 2017 we have established our CrossFit Algoa Committed Club!

This Committed Club (CC) is determined at the end of each month, using the attendance from the Itensity system (workouts logged on Itensity). A big congratulations to the Committed Members for the month of July! Last month we had 21 members on the Committed club, so we have improved by 1 from June!

Achieving your health and fitness goals are directly related to your attendance! Not making improvements? I suggest doing whatever it takes to get to the Box at least 3 times per week over the next 3 months and see how it changes your life! Remember Summer is fast approaching…it is no use waking up in November and deciding then that you want to be in great shape for December…quite frankly that is way too late! Those who want to “body shape” for December or who want to do well in next year’s CrossFit Games Open need to start now! So make a massive effort to get to the Box to achieve the results you desire and you will not be disappointed!


Our Committed Club Members (12 or more sessions) for 1 – 31 July 2017 are:

  1. Anje Adams
  2. Coach Eva Thornton
  3. Intern Coach Jeanine Spahn-Sztuchlik
  4. Coach Deane Ketzner
  5. Coach Dave Levey
  6. Intern Coach Sam Van Thiel
  7. Paul Van Thiel
  8. Lara Bulbring
  9. Morne Fourie
  10. Rob Yuil
  11. Roxy Stottelaar
  12. Vicky Edelson
  13. Yolandi Van Tonder
  14. Andre Staats
  15. Chad Comley
  16. Clarice Esther
  17. Dean Jenniker
  18. Gary Thomson
  19. Grant Potgieter
  20. Iain Maughan-Brown
  21. Suprabha Pillay
  22. Taryn Potgieter

Awesome work ladies and gents!! We are proud of you!!

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