6 Wk Self-Defence Program


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Alternatively you can join our weekly Self-Defence Classes – on Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:20 – 19:35


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Here is an overview of what you can expect…


BJJ Self-Defence Program Overview:


Our 6 week BJJ self-defence course is designed for everybody. Using the principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our coaches impart BJJ self-defence skills to our students that people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels can use to defend themselves.


Our BJJ Self-defence classes are presented in a safe and fun environment where students can learn and practice their new found BJJ self-defense moves and skills in a warm and friendly environment.


Taking our BJJ self-defence classes is will prepare you for situations where you would need to protect yourself and/or your loved ones! They will also help to improve your physical fitness and health!


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has had a massive influence on how one efficiently and effectively defends oneself against bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic opponents!! As such it’s invaluable to the vulnerable wanting to defend themselves.


You will learn to defend yourself against the most common attacks utilising leverage, space, balance, momentum, timing and efficiency with a system that has proven itself worldwide in a real world setting. Our course will leave you feeling safer, and more confident, fitter and healthier.


The Program:

Our course consists of 12 classes (1 hour 40 min) over a 6 week period (2 classes per week).

These classes focus on teaching our students new techniques while reviewing and combining with techniques from previous weeks to practice and refine the techniques already taught!


Our Self-defence courses will be presented at various times through the year based on demand.

Coaches will mark off the classes attended and evaluate proficiency on technique/movements learnt!


Classes consist of the following:

1- Warm-up: A general to dynamic warmup utilising specific drills and movement patterns to engrain them for natural movement and appropriate responses.


2- Theory: Theoretical explanation of overall outcome, the position/positions and movements/principles being taught with the specific goals for each.


3- Demo & Practice: Demonstration, segmented through to complex technique practice.


4- Coaching: Practice with feedback and corrections/corrective coaching!


5- Drilling automated responses: Triggering and instilling reflex responses of the movements utilising the appropriate principle and techniques.


6- Drilling under progressive pressure/resistance: Progressive and appropriately controlled resistance to simulate live fighting/self-defence situations. These classes will not have any live “rolling” or “sparring” sessions but will rather focus on drilling automated responses under progressive resistancve/pressure!


NOTE – Those students wanting to participate in live “rolling” or “sparring” can join our BJJ/Grappling adult classes for a small “top-up” fee. We generally recommend that you complete 60% of the Self-Defence course (11 of the 18 classes) before joining our BJJ/Grappling classes with live sparring/rolling. We will handle these requests on a case by case basis!


Self-defence Students do not require a gi “uniform” for the 6 week course and comfortable training clothes can be worn.


Self-defence students will receive a certificate of completion after completing 83% of the classes in the program (10 of 12 classes).


Your Coach/es:

Learn by taking BJJ self-defence classes from some of the best martial arts and fitness coaches in South Africa.


Head Coach Dave Levey has competed internationally in BJJ/Grappling since 2001 … and has competed at the Copa do Mundo (2007), the Mundials (2006/7), Abu Dhabi combat club (ADCC 2007), Abu Dhabi world pro (2009/2010/2011) and is a black belt (since 2015) under now Red Belt Master Marcus Soares.


Dave is a Biokineticist (2001) with a Masters Degree in Sport Science (Cum Laude). Dave has also competed internationally at the CrossFit Games representing Africa 4 times out of his 5 qualifications (2 as individual and 3 as a masters athlete with a 2nd place finish in the world at the 2018 CrossFit Games, Masters 40-44 yrs)


Included in your package is:

  • Two (2x) 1 hour, 40 min BJJ self-defence classes each week
  • Goal setting Drills, Assistance and Feedback
  • Access to our BJJ Coaches
  • Access to our CGA Self-defence/Beginner what’s app and community group
  • BJJ self-defence accountability attendance checking (attendance monitoring)
  • BJJ self-defence class/technique evaluation and checklist
  • Points scoring system to incentivise desired behaviours (Goal setting; Attendance; Technique checklist; Technique evaluation; Goal achievement Feedback)


Free/optional Extras:

  • Body composition assessment
  • Access to the CrossFit Algoa gym Open Box Times (14:00-16:00 Mon-Thurs and Saturday 9:30-11:30)
  • Access to 3x free CrossFit Algoa classes in the 6 weeks


NOTE – For a top-up of R230 per month, you can have full access to all our BJJ adult classes each week (Total of 6-7 classes in a week)


Self-Defence Class Schedule:

Tuesday 18:20-20:00

Thursday 18:20-20:00



Space is limited, so please sign-up ASAP if you are keen to complete our 6 Week Self-Defence program.

To receive all our Self-Defence Cost and Sign-up information right away, and to Apply for the Course, please complete our Contact Form by: