Membership & Challenges


We offer 6 and 12 month memberships on 3 days/week and unlimited packages, with separate membership fees for Individuals, Couples and Students/Families (3 or more members).

If you have any special needs we can offer custom packages tailored to suit your needs.

Contact for more info.


Visitors & Drop-ins

We also have drop-in packages available for visitors.



Interested in our results proven 6 Week Summer Transformation Challenge – this will run from 29 October – 8 December 2018. If you are interested, apply ASAP (before 26 October) by clicking here:


Challenges – Summer & Winter

Each year CrossFit Algoa runs our WINTER & Summer Challenges.

There are 4 divisions, so there is a division to suit everyone’s needs! Get in on the action and sign-up for our Challenges!

Choose from 1 or more of the following 4 Divisions:

1) “Fat Loss” Challenge
Largest % reduction in body fat (not body weight).
Male and female Winner Medals (1st – 3rd)

2) “Gains” Challenge
Largest % improvement on benchmark testing (Test 1 vs Test 2)
Male and female Winner Medals (1st – 3rd)

3) “Fittest in the Box” Challenge
Highest scoring on benchmark tests (either T1 or T2)
Male and female Winner Medals (1st – 3rd)

4) “Attendance” Challenge
Highest relative attendance rate (% attendance rate)
Male and female Winner Medals (1st – 3rd)


A large part of the success of these Challenges depends on your Nutrition. As such we offer a few Nutritional Workshops each year to get our members on track. We also offer 1 on 1 consultation for those who require specific Nutritional guidance and assistance in achieving their body fat loss/health & fitness/sports performance goals!